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    Light Switches

    Need a light switch installed or updated? Want A New Dimmer Switch?

    No matter what's going on with your home's light switch, Milestone is the company to call! Milestone will troubleshoot the repair / installation & give you the price upfornt before any work takes place ensuring you recieve the best price & best service around.

    The Benefits of Dimmer Switches

    One of the best lighting options out there these days is the dimmer switch. This is a device that controls the current sent to a light fixture, thereby allowing you to increase or decrease the amount of light in a room. The switch is actually a slow sliding lever or turn dial, which allows you to manually adjust the light. There are many reasons why dimmers are so popular these days among new home builders and remodelers. Here are some of the benefits of installing dimmer switches in your home.

    The Basics of Dimmer Switches

    Essentially, dimmer switches are used to replace the traditional single pole light switches used to control lighting circuits. These switches have only two controls—on and off—where power is either allowed to flow to the light or is turned off. With a lever or dial light dimmer, you are no longer relegated to these two options. Rather, you can increase or decrease on an incremental basis the current going to the load it is attached to, giving you a much greater degree of control over your lighting.

    Benefits of Installing Dimmer Switches

    There are many benefits to installing dimmer switches in your home. Not only are these devices environmentally friendly, but they can also greatly contribute to the ambiance of your home. In terms of being eco-friendly, since the light doesn’t always have to be on full power, dimmer switches can help you to save electricity. When dimmed, light fixtures use less energy. And if you do need a little bit of light but still want to take advantage of the natural light available, turning your lights to the lowest setting will help save energy while giving you the extra light you need.

    Dimmer switches can likewise create versatility in your home. By dimming the lights, you can create a romantic or cozy look. Dimmed lights also creates a great effect when you and your family or guests sit down to watch a movie. And if you have young children or overnight guests who aren’t familiar with your home, dimming the lights at night allows them to easily find their way to the bathroom without the distraction of full-on lights.

    In essence, dimmer switches give you complete control over the amount of light in a room. This allows your lighting to have a versatility of functions, from work light to romantic ambiance to night light, providing much convenience and adding to the depth of your home.


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