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    How to reduce your monthly cost

    Energy Conservation Tips...

    First and foremost you can have a thorough check of your electrical system. Loose connections release large amounts of wasted energy, which you end up paying for in terms of additional wasted kilowatt hours. Often, A/C units cause unnecessary energy lost. If your unit is older, or seems to take more energy to start, you may want to invest in a hard start kit. When using a hard start kit, less energy will be demanded on the frequent start ups. One of the simplest ways to save money on y our energy bills is by turning your thermostat to 78 degrees in the summer and 68 degrees in the winter. An even better way to control your homes temperature is by investing in a digital thermostat, and setting a reasonable work schedule. This will allow your A/C to be turned off during the day, then automatically come on in the evening before you come home from work. Another way to ease your energy bills by balancing the electrical load in your home. Most watt hour meters for homes use the higher of the two phases to calculate your electric bill, if the load were in balance you might save as much as 15% off your electrical utility bill. If your average utility bill is $450 per month, that is a savings of $67.50 a month, or $810.00 a year!!

    Energy Conservation Calculator

    The U.S. Government provides this energy calculator. Want to save money on your energy bill? Click the link below.

    Check out this link

    Air Conditioning Makes Half Your Bill!

    Air Conditioning can sometimes comprise half of your energy bill. Here are some ways you can save money. Reduce this cost by -

    1. Having an annual "tune-up" by a professional A/C technician.
    2. Adding a hard start kit to older units.
    3. Replace your old, worn out unit!

    Lighten Up Your Life With New Fluorescent

    Lighten up your energy bill with the new generations of fluorescent, and light emitting diode (L.E.D.) lamps. Lighting in general only consumes about 10% to 20% of the average household electricity bill. However, If you could reduce that by 75% you would be saving some serious dough! For instance, if your average electric bill was $450.00 per month, and your lighting was 20% of the bill, that means that $90.00 of your bill was solely from lighting. Now reduce that by 75% or $67.50 per month. That's an annual savings of $810.00 Not bad! These lamps are available at home centers, or we can provide and install them for about the cost of what the home centers sell them for.


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