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    I Have No Main Circuit Breaker...

    One commonly found item on a home inspection is the absence of a main circuit breaker. In many older breaker boxes, an arrangement called the "split bus" is used. In this type of panel, there should be no more than six breakers or breaker handles to shut off all electrical that is being served by the box. Since these are older style units that could become a safety hazard, you may want to consider replacing the breaker box.

    I Have No Ground Rod...

    The ground rod gives excess electricity in your home an easy access route to the ground. Not having a ground rod is extremely hazardous, and one should be installed as soon as possible.

    I Have An Improper Ground Rod Conductor...

    This means that the wire from the neutral bar of your breaker box or electrical system to the ground rod, is either aluminum, too small, or not present. This should be repaired immediately, so that your grounding system can function properly.

    I Have No Disconnect At My A/C Unit...

    The A/C unit is required to have a "disconnect" or a way to shut it off besides the circuit breaker. Disconnects are almost always required when the breaker is more than 50ft away from the A/C unit, or out of sight. Disconnects are required for the safety of any one who may have to work on you're A/C unit. If a mistake is made by an A/C technician, they will disconnect power to the unit and lock it off, thereby preventing shock or electrocution. If you do not have an A/C disconnect, this should be addressed immediately.

    I Have Reversed Polarity At Several Outlets...

    There are several ways that reverse polarity occurs at an outlet. Perhaps the most common is technical error. Reversed polarity is a dangerous wiring problem and should be addressed by a professional as soon as possible.


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