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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

    Remember! It is always our recommendation that you hire a licensed & trained electrician to handle all electrical jobs in the home.

    Q: Should I be affraid of this repair costing an arm and a leg?

    Q: What will It cost to fix my electrical problem?

    Q: Can Milestone Electric fix my problem today?

    Q: How do I install a light fixture?

    Q: How do I know which dimmer size to use?

    Q: How do I reset my breaker?

    Q: If my breaker keeps tripping, why can't I install a larger breaker myself?

    Q: What should I do if my panel is making strange noises and or strange smells?

    Q: Why can't I run my vacuum and watch television at the same time without tripping a breaker?

    Q: What are ARC Fault breakers?

    Q: Are Federal Pacific (FPE) breakers bad?

    Q: Should Zinsco breaker boxes be replaced?

    Q: What is the difference in aluminum and copper wiring?

    Q: Is it possible to overload a circuit?

    Q: Why did my heating and air conditioning technician tell me to call an electrician for my tripped breaker?

    Q: I want to install an outdoor kitchen, what should I do first?

    Q: My energy bill is too high, what can I do to save?

    Q: Will low voltage lamps really save money on my energy bill?

    Q: Does Milestone Electric service or sell generators?

    Q: How do I fix my chirping smoke detector?

    Q: I think I may have been shocked in my bathtub/shower...?

    Q: Is It okay if my light switch sparks when it is turned on?

    Q: What are arching hazards... why should I worry about loose connections?

    Q: How do I install a ceiling fan?

    Q: Why does my ground fault outlet (GFCI) always trip when it rains?

    Q: Can Milestone Electric help me with my electrical inspectors "to-do" list?

    Q: Why do my lights dim or brighten periodically?

    Q: Why does my electric heater no longer work as well as it did before?

    Q: Does Milestone Electric service or sell generators?

    Q: Does Milestone Electric recommend surge protection?


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